Job Opportunity for Pakistani Skilled Worker in Japan

The Japanese government is committed to sign new Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Pakistan. The key element in the said is the import of the skilled labor from Pakistan. In an interview with the APP the same was mentioned by the Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, Yusuke Shindo, at the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan. In the statement it was further elaborated that so are Japan has opened the labor market in 14 different sectors, including construction, manufacturing, nursing, and light engineering being the most prominent ones. The statement was issued by the Deputy Head of Mission back on Sunday.

Work Visa for Skilled Worker:

According to the senior diplomat from Japan, they are planning to get the MoU signed not later than November. This venture is a part of the Japanese efforts to bring home 500,000 blue-collar workers from all over the globe. This goal will be accomplished until 2025 and then the import will be further increased by 2030. The program was launched in April this year according to which two distinct visa categories were announced for the blue-collar workers in not less than 14 different areas. The decision was made in the context of the crunching situation of the labor force.

Job Opportunity for Pakistani in Japan:

The labor crisis according to him arose because a vast majority in Japan is over the age of 60 now. Hence, they are ready to bring home labor from countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India along with the other members of the ASAIN.

The Head of the mission acclaimed the performance of the workers who are already working in the country for years and added that the dedication, hard work and the honesty of the Pakistani labors is unmatched. He further asserted that besides developing other professional skills the labors will have to get acquainted with the Japanese language too to cope with the local market successfully. The language is a must thing to learn. In the case of the unawareness, a cultural and social gap is created that becomes a problem for the natives and the imported labors. He said the decision is made in the light of past experiences where several labors left just because of these barriers. He also asserted that the government of Japan is interested in setting up new industrial units in Pakistan too.

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