Mehwish Hayat Rejected Bollywood Movies

Pakistan is blessed with many talented actors and one such is Mehwish Hayat. The actress has come up a long way and has made a name for herself through her performances in different dramas and movies. Recently the actress was also given Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for her contributions to the industry. And it looks as if her skills are not only recognized in Pakistan but are well known across the border as well. In an interview with the BBC Asian Network, the Na-Maloom Afraad actress said that she was approached to perform the lead role in the Indian movie Fannay Khan but she turned it down.

It was a startling revelation considering the fact that the role was eventually performed by Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai. Mehwish Hayat said that she turned down the role because she wanted to promote Pakistani cinema rather than working abroad in movies. The actress said that Fannay Khan isn’t the only movie that she has turned down as in the past as well she turned down several films as well in order to work in Pakistan only. Another Bollywood movie that Mehwish Hayat rejected was Dairh Ishqiya where she had to perform the role which was eventually performed by Huma Qureshi. The movie also starred Madhuri Dixit.

Mehwish said that the reason for rejecting Dairh Ishqiya was the one intimate scene with Arshad Warsi. The film crew was not changing or removing the scene hence she said no to the film. She said that the actors from Pakistan are not given proper respect in India as actors are eventually not allowed in promotions as well as premiers of the movie as well. Mehwish Hayat has worked in some top Pakistani movies which include Actor in Law, Load Wedding, Jawani Phir Nai Aani, and others.

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