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Punjab Releases 117 Prisoners After Paying Diyat

The Punjab government has decided to release 117 prisoners who have been involved in different small crimes in the province. The decision was made on the orders of Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar who directed the authorities to release the prisoners involved in small crimes. The prisoners have been released from the jail after the payment of diyat or fines. The prisoners that have been released were unable to pay their diyat and hence the diyat of these prisoners have been paid by Bait ul Maal and other different welfare organizations so that these prisoners can be released during the month of Ramazan.

A total amount of Rs. 24.7 million has been paid as diyat by Bait ul Maal and other welfare organizations for the release of these prisoners. Bait ul maal paid around Rs. 1.9 million in diayt for the release of 21 prisoners from the jails. Other welfare organizations also paid about Rs. 1.9 million in diyat for the release of 19 prisoners from the jail. 32 prisoners were released from the jail after Sarwar Foundation paid Rs. 1.2 million in diyat for these prisoners. Qarshi Foundation, another welfare organization, will pay about Rs. 21.45 million in diyat for the release of about 45 prisoners from jail.

It was stated that Qarshi Foundation will pay the diyat amount in the future and the prisoners will be released by 21st of Ramazan when the diyat amount is received from the Qarshi Foundation. The process of releasing the hapless prisoners started after diyat has been paid. The prisoners have been involved in petty crimes but were unable to pay their fines in order to be released from jail. The orders from Usman Buzdar comes during the holy month of Ramazan which will ensure that these prisoners can spend their Eid with their families.


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