Mohammad Rafiq Stopped Norway Mosque Shooting Attack

Islam is a religion of Peace. The Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad Peace be Upon Him said that the one who saves one life saves the whole world and the one who kills one kills whole humanity. If we take a strong look at this hadees or quotation it does not mention the religion of the person to be killed or saved which shows the peaceful nature of Islam. However few people have not understood the true soul of Islam in current Era and were involved in innocent killings but that fraction of people neither represent the complete Islamic community in the same sense that Nazis cannot represent all Christians. But the case is different for Muslims their international image has been portrayed as terrorists resulting in hate among various people for them.

Recently a person has attacked a mosque in Norway killing many innocent people who have nothing to do with terrorism. Surely we cannot say on the basis of that all the people following the faith of that person are terrorists which could be the case for Muslims if any Muslim commits such brutal act. The 65-year-old overpowered the gunman during an attack on a mosque in Oslo, Norway. Mohammad Rafiq, an ex-Pakistan Air Force serviceman who leapt into action to save worshippers when an armed man burst into a Norwegian mosque.

As we are aware of the fact that there are good and bad peoples in all sections and they are not the representative of the whole community. The need of the hour to such attacks on Muslims is that we must educate or ask international media that please portray an unbiased image of Muslims.

Try to highlight their achievements their services for mankind. And Islam is not about killing but about saving. This can be done by promoting education and uplifting the standard of living in Muslim countries creating more opportunities for them so that they will be able to create their image of love and peace outside the country.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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