Implications of Ban on Indian media in Pakistan

Pakistan was created on the basis of two Nation theory. One of the main ingredients of two Nation theory was that the culture of two nations Muslims and Hindus is very different. Their clothes, food, and rituals are very different. Their festivals and the way these festivals are celebrated are very different from each other. Which resulted in the creation of Pakistan. But since the creation of Pakistan. India never accepted it and tried to take over it but failed.

Now in the Modern Era, it is believed that the main weapon is media through which you can rule the world. India media industry is considered very strong globally also their was time when our media industry was also known to be famous but currently, it is suffering as well.

As India has strong media industry also the language they use to communicate is also similar to our language so they have gained popularity in Pakistan as well. They are basically promoting their culture through their films, television effecting young minds by making cartoons like chota bheem polluting their mind with their culture in a very young age. To counter this Pakistan has banned their media by blocking their films, dramas to be on air in Pakistan.

This move is widely welcomed by the Pakistani Public and this decision was also taken back in pas as well but was lifted for some reason. This decision is currently taken in the wake of Kashmir issue actually in response to the atrocities India is committing in Kashmir. This decision will help Pakistan to preserve and retain its beautiful culture so that we may justify the move of our forefathers taken not to live together. As this step is taken it does have some negative implications as well as the business of cinemas depending on Indian films but the positive outcomes are believed will come more out of it.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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