Mohsin Abbas to Marry Nazish Jahangir Soon

The DJ turned actor Mohsin Abbas is in the limelight for weeks now. Mohsin is an acclaimed actor of the entertainment world. He is known for doing every piece of the creative artist with extreme perfection and hard work. Besides appearing in some popular plays he has also acted in a movie too. This fame and popularity were eclipsed when last month his wife Fatema Sohail appeared on the media with a bruised face. She had a horrible story to tell about her relationship with her husband, Mohsin Abbas. After her heartbreaking story of domestic abuse, Mohsin got into hot waters. Although he tried to explain his position the counter-statement of his wife over the Quran made the things worse.

Fatema claimed that she caught her husband red-handed along with the model cum actress Nazish Jahangir. When she asked for clarification Mohsin abused her. Nazish, on the other hand, showed her surprise over the statement of Fatemah and added that she has been a good friend of the couple. She said there is nothing right about this allegation.

The things have started becoming messy after a post on Mushin’s fan page stating “Best couple soon!” including the picture of both Mohsin and Nazish. Nazish replied to the post with Insha’Allah soon and Mohsin responded by liking her comment. The friends will turn into a lifetime couple or not is something still not clear but the post and the comments have really shocked the fans. It seems that it will give rise to more social media posts and discussions.

So far no more announcements have been made on part of the two but everyone is looking forward to another surprise after the sudden wedding announcement of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khan. If this news turns out to be right then there will be the confirmation of allegations from Fatemah.


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