Saba Qamar Pictures Goes Viral on Twitter

Saba Qamar is a popular star of the current times. There are very few who have gained immense popularity in the least expected time. She has carved her name among the popular stars of the recent times for not just her charismatic beauty but also because of her outclass unmatched acting skills. Besides proving her skills in the country she has also performed abroad and appreciated. Her plays like Baghi, Besharam, Digest writer and the most recent Cheekh have proved her as a competent actress. Before that, she mimicked the popular people of the country too in the comedy show Hum Sub Umeed Say, Han.

Saba has always been in news. This time it was a tweet related to her outfits that ignited a heated debate on the twitter. This all happened when Junaid Aziz with the twitter name Daddy tweeted on a photograph of Saba Qamar wearing a dress that he believed was quite revealing for anyone Muslim and Pakistani. He added the caption “Is this Islamic Republic Pakistan?”

Soon after the comment was there the discussion sprang. On one hand, some people supported daddy’s ideas that there must be some moral code to be followed. Being a Pakistani and more than this being a Muslim it is the responsibility of the women regardless of their profession to follow the ethical code of our religion.

On the other side of the picture, some people were constantly supporting Saba Qamar. They raised their voice in favor of the fact that everyone is free to decide about their life. They can wear whatever they want. The same goes for this legendary actress. The supporters of Saba stated that she has the potential that needs to be appreciated more than what she is wearing. Some even added that it is her life and she can do whatever she likes to do. No one has the right to criticize the way people live to end their life.




Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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