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Pak Army Plane Crashes in Residential Area Near Rawalpindi

Air crashes can happen from nowhere. The reasons for these accidents are numerous. Seasonal hazards and technical faults are the most quoted along with human error. History of Pakistan is also fraught with many such accidents. The aviation bodies of the Armed Forces are not an exception either. Besides the various civilian aircraft crashes a number of crashes have been reported in case of by the armed forces air vehicles. The worst part of the air crashes is that it claims the life of a number of people hardly leaving any room for the survivors.

The most recent air crash in Pakistan happened last night. The aircraft that was reported to be a part of the Army aviation crashed into the residential area in the geographical limits of Rawalpindi. As per the recent reports, 17 people including five crew members lost their lives in the crash. The crew also included two high-rank officials too.

According to the statement issued by ISPR, the aviation aircraft was on a regular training session on Monday evening. The ill-fated craft fell in the residential area of Mora Kalu that is located close to the Bahria Town Phase 7. Soon after the plane crashed it caught fire changing many houses to mere rubbles. Inter-Services Public Relations’ further added that besides the unfortunate deceased 12 people got severely injured.

The Aircraft crew on board had Lt. Col. Saqib and Lt. Col. Waseem who were the pilots while assisting them on board were Naib Subedar Afzal, Havaldar Ibne Ameen, and Havaldar Rehmat. Soon after the plane crashed the rescue teams comprising of Pakistan Army rescue services and 1122 reached the venue. The fire was soon put off. The official sources say that the reason for the crash is still not obvious.

May the martyrs rest in Jannah.


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