Shaniera Akram bashes Shahveer Jafry on Instagram

Driving is always thrilling. The young guys are always trying to impress the people around them with how fast and furious they can ride the vehicle. Many of these young enthusiasts ride and exhibit their skills on social media as if they want to show the world how well they can do with the steering wheel and the wheels. They rush on the road, do unsupervised stunts and much more. Some of these inspire the youth negatively. The young boys watching these stunts sometimes meet severe accidents claiming their precious lives too. They do not realize that speed thrills but it actually kills. There is a list of cons associated with these driving stunts but people actually don’t realize what they are doing to themselves and their loved ones.

One such video of Shahveer Jafri has become viral in the last few days. Shahveer is a renowned Vlogger and You Tuber. He is known for his comic performance on social media. In the recent video, he is seen rushing the car in a dangerous way. It did not merely speed but the reckless driving that was bitterly criticized by many people who think that such video by a social media celebrity can leave the worst impact upon the youth who are always following him.

Shaniera Akram, the wife of legendary cricketer Wasim Akram also did not miss the chance. She responded back on the post and said that it was not wise enough to share the video on social media. She added that by doing this he will set up a wrong example for his fans. Shahveer replied to her comments that he really honors and respects the lady but she needs to think that what message he was trying to convey.


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