Pak Government to Ban Banaspati Ghee by 2020

The government of Pakistan has decided to impose a ban on Banaspati Ghee manufacture, sale, and purchase by 2020. All the factories which are producing vegetable ghee will be sealed by July next year. The decision has been made after medical reports in which it is revealed that the Bansapati ghee is extremely dangerous for human health. This is a great step taken by the government and they are quite serious about the health issue of the people in Pakistan.

According to the report, it has been found that the ghee contains a high amount of Sulphur, fatty acids, Palmitic acid, and nickel. These can cause many diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, and cancer. Banaspati ghee reduces the good cholesterol levels along with increasing the total cholesterol levels.

The production and sale of Banaspati Ghee is ban in many developed countries due to is an effect, but unfortunately, in Pakistan, it is still allowing to use. In the year 2017, a scientific panel pf Punjab Authority recommended banning such factories. They also give orders to Banaspati Ghee producing factories to reduce the quantity of trans-fatty acids by up to 0.5 percent for the next three years.

According to the report, there are 97 registered factories which are producing Banasapati Ghee. There are around 1 lac workers are employed in these factories. There is a chance that a large number of people will be unemployed after the ban on these factories. The owners of the factories given time to launch new products so that they can overcome this ban and stable themselves.

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