Pakistan Restore its Status as Family Station by UN for its International Staff

Pakistan is the land of beauty and diversity. It is blessed with amazing natural gifts. From the scenic beauty to rich historical background, from the fertile lands to the mouth-watering delights, from the ancient architecture to the most recent skyscrapers it has everything that a tourist can long for while coming to a foreign land. Since decades the country was a center of attraction for the tourists coming from different parts of the world. It was in the final years of the 20th century or to be précised in the 1990s that the security conditions in the country got worse due to the several terrorist happenings in various parts that the tourists stopped pouring into the country.

This resulted in the downfall of the tourism industry in the country. The worst thing that happened in this regard was that the international forum of the United Nations removed the name of Pakistan from the list of family-friendly countries. This impacted the global repute of the country. Many international events of sports could not happen here just because the organizers were scared that it would not attract the number of audiences that they are expecting.

The Pakistan Army took up the challenge of reviving the repute. After a number of operations against the terrorists and above all the successful foreign policy of the current regime the country has finally got back the status that the nation was longing for several years. The United Nations has finally given the country the status of being a family-friendly country. This is a positive sign and it is expected that will not just boost the tourism industry but will attract more foreign investors too.

This announcement is actually another feather in the cap of the current regime that clearly declared in their manifesto they want the country to rise and shine.


Noor Mani is senior tech correspondent and renowned professional writer from Pakistani local Newspaper Weekly Multan. She is a P.E.C accredited Electronics Engineer and has wide vision over technology and local media industry scope. She is now a Managing Editor at Web.PK. You can email her at noor @ web.pk.

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