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Pakistan to Take Kashmir Dispute to ICJ

The issue of Kashmir is known to be a major international dispute between the two nuclear-armed countries. A cause which initiated three wars between India and Pakistan. To understand the Kashmir issue we must look into the history and should analyze the view of Kashmiris to whom Kashmir actually belong to. Kashmir was originally sold to Raja Hari Singh by British. On Indo Pak separation the leaders of different states were asked to make a decision to join any state India or Pakistan as per the sentiments of the people living in it.

Majority of the Kashmiri people were Muslims and also Kashmir geographically belonged to Pakistan. Despite of all these ground realities, the Indian armed troops occupied Kashmir. Although some of the Kashmir was regained by locals freedom fighters and was become part of Kashmir known as Azad Kashmir. The point to be realized here is there is no freedom movement in Pakistan administrated Kashmir. But in Indian held Kashmir rallies for Free Kashmir are done on almost daily basis. India has tried to control its part by using its brutal Army. And has been reported even by the United Nations on Human Rights violations.

Pakistan has always considered Kashmiris as their part in flesh and blood and has raised their voice for them on all available forums. Recently India has revoked article 370 and 35 A diminishing special status of Kashmir. Followed by the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the valley of Kashmir. Pakistan has taken this case in the International Court of Justice on which united nations has already passed resolutions that Kashmir issue must be resolved by the plebiscite. Pakistan believes that Kashmir must be divided as per the wishes of Kashmiri people, on the other hand, India believes that Kashmir is the unbreakable part of it. And he will keep it whatever happens. Many Analysts says that it will take guts for ICJ to give verdict on Kashmir on merit.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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