Indian Ceasefire Violations on LOC

India and Pakistan are considered to be great enemies of each other since their inception and have fought three major wars with each other i.e 1948,1965, and 1971. As they have not fought any major war since decades it does not means peace on their borders. India often violates the cease-fire agreement and have target armed personnel and civilians from a long time Although our army has always responded well India never changed its ways and have killed many innocent people including women and children. Pakistan has always protested on these atrocities on all legal fronts but that was never enough.

Recently India has recently violated cease-fire and has killed two civilians this can be viewed in the context of tensions between India and Pakistan on the abrogation of article 370 A in Kashmir. On the other side, India has always claimed that Pakistan always initiates the fire on our side whereas we always retaliate to it. But it is not possible in the current scenario as Pakistani civilian towns are near the border as compared to the Indian side of the border. The need of the day is peace between two nuclear-armed countries which will lead towards prosperity between both countries but the main hurdle between peace is the Kashmir Issue.

Pakistan has always urged to resolve this issue as per the demands of Kashmiri people but India has always tried to oppress the Kashmiri people through its brutal Army. This has created a heat between the two countries. Pakistan must give a dossier of Indian violations on line of control to all countries that will help Pakistan to expose the true face of one of the world’s biggest democracies. Pakistan also should warn India of dire consequences of these shellings i.e beginning of Atomic war which will affect the whole world. On the current civilian killings by India has left whole Pakistan in great sorrow the only way to save others is prompt actions from Pakistan on all available fronts.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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