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Pakistan’s Top Chef Fatima Ali, Lost Her War Against Cancer

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 26/01/2019)

Fatima Ali appeared on the social media scene in 2017 when she appeared in one of the biggest reality shows named US Top Chef season 15. Her charming personality and her amazing skills inspired everyone. In a society where the word Muslim is the symbol of conservatism and narrow mindedness, Fatima changed the thought. She became very popular, but the world was hit by bad news when it was revealed that she was suffering from a deadly kind of cancer known as Ewings Sarcoma those impacts upon the bones and the soft tissues. The war began. In January the chemotherapy began, and soon she returned with a post that things were going her way. The cancer was gone.

Fate had something else waiting for her. In October 1998 the signs of cancer started returning and in January 2019she requested her fans to pray for her health as the October news was confirmed. As she had previously written in one of her posts appearing in Bon Appetite that she will pop out like a balloon someday, the life of this 29-year-old daughter of Pakistan came to a sad end, and she left for the next world on 25th January 2019.

As the news went viral on the social media messages started appearing. Fatima fought like a warrior. She smiled even when she knew that all was gone. Nothing was in her hands now. She wanted to carve her name among the top cooks but life had something else waiting for her. She has left a message of hope for everyone. She has become an inspiration for the young men and women who want to get their goals. Her life has all the colors of hard work, hope, happiness, optimism and battling the impossible. May she rest in the eternal peace? Amen

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