ARY Digital “Kaisa hai naseeban” Cast, Story and OST

Daughters are very precious. The first concern of every parent after the daughter is born to get her into a wedding alliance that can bring happiness into her life. They think high, they pray, they plan, but they do not know what fate holds for them. Sometimes even getting a groom from the family cannot resolve the worries. The same idea is highlighted in the new drama serial on ARY digital. The basic idea of the story is to raise voice against the domestic violence that has become a common practice in many homes.

ARY Digital “Kaisa hai naseeban” Cast:

It is a multi starrer drama created under the banner of the I Dream Entertainment. The story is penned by Sameena Aijaz while the play is directed by the versatile Ahmed Bhatti. The acting skills of Uzma Gillani, Waseem Abbas, Rimsha Khan, and Muneeb Butt have added additional colors to the play. Producer Abdullah Seja has ensured that the musical notes fit the main theme of the drama.  The heart touching lyrics and composition by Adnan Dhool and Ilyas Khan vibrates the strings of the hearts of the parents of daughters when the vocals of Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed are added to these.

ARY Digital “Kaisa hai naseeban” Story:

The story starts in a small home where Jamal (Waseem Abbas) is a caring father of two daughters Marium (Ramsha Khan), and Farah (Anumta Qureshi). Marium’s maternal aunt (Farah Khan) wants to bring Marium into the life of her son Affan (Agha Mustafa). At the same time, marium’s paternal aunt (Uzma Gillani) shows her intention of having wedlock between Marium and her son Ahmed (Muneeb Butt). The family lives in Malaysia and what the rest of the world knows is that they are one of the wells off families of Malaysia.  The marriage is materialized, but unlike the hopes and wishes of the family the things turned out to be messy.  Marium was married to a cruel, heartless man who had no penny in his pocket. He is merely a puppet in the hands of his mother and sister and does everything to make them happy.

The audience has high hopes with this drama.  Let us see how marium will cope with all this and how she will fight the odds in her life.

ARY Digital “Kaisa hai naseeban” OST:

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Teaser of “Kaisa hai naseeban”:

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