PM Imran Khan Addresses the Nation on the Kashmir Issue

Kashmir has been the bone of contention between the two major neighbors of the South Asian region for more than seven decades. In these seventy-two years, India and Pakistan have fought three major wars over the Kashmir issue. The issue was taken to the general assembly too but no concrete steps have been taken so far. The people of Kashmir are still waiting for justice. They are being crushed by the army of so-called democratic India.

For the last few months, the situation between the two countries has become really complex. The Indian army is constantly violating the Line of Control. They are firing at the innocent civilians for months now. F army personnel have been killed too. The Indian planes also tried to enter into the Pakistani space in late February. Although the Pakistan Air force forced them to surrender the fire of hatred was ignited.

The things have become tormenting after the Kashmiris were denied the right to freedom early this month. The Kashmiris are crying out loud for their right. They want freedom from the cursed rule of Indians. After the annulment of Article 370 and 35, A the Kashmiris lost their right to freedom. This grieved the Kashmiris and they were forced out to come into the streets. The pallet guns pierced the innocent faces and the systems are paralyzed including communication.

In this state of affairs when the people all over the world are expecting that another war is around the corner, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has addressed the nation on Monday. He said that he wanted to win the confidence of the people of Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. It is the nation that means a great deal to him.

He asserted that the nation needs to support his efforts. He further requested the people to leave their workplaces, schools, colleges, universities and even homes on Friday between 12 and 1230 in the afternoon to show support for the Kashmiris.

“We will go to every extent will stand with the Kashmiris till the last breath,” he said, adding “I ask every Pakistani to come out of their homes, offices, workplaces every week for half an hour and on the upcoming Friday from 1200 noon to 1230, to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir.”

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YouTube video
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