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Mrs. Khan Regrets What She Said on Subh Savaray Pakistan

Written by Arooj Ahmed
(Last Updated On: 27/08/2019)

The women right activists are active for several years now. In some conditions, they even went at all lengths to say that women and men enjoy equal rights. Some segments of the feminist activist groups even refuse to accept the obligations mentioned for them in Islamic laws. The things often get controversial when different segments of society fail to agree to the point of view on this topic. This time a fiery debate was heard on the social media after the renowned matchmaker Mrs. Khan expressed her views related to the responsibilities of women in creating a happy home. After she appeared on the television, the videos highlighting her views became viral.

After watching the video a mixed response was received from the audience. On one hand, there were the supporters while on the other hand were the people who bitterly criticized. At the same time, the set of people who were neither against her nor in favor of her said that if she had said the same thing in a polite way the things would have been more effective. Instead of delivering the real message she created a real confusion in the minds of many. To clarify her position she was invited on Geo morning show.

Mrs. Khan said that it was heartbreaking that people actually bullied her for something that she did not do intentionally. She was really sad while telling that the people have become ruthless enough to call her in the early hours of the day. To add further about her clip she stated that she is well aware of the sensitivity of the issue.

She sounded in favor of a male-dominated society but actually she herself believes in the equality of rights. She clarified those women empowerment is the need of the society. The times are much different from the past. She further encouraged the women to use the best of their potential. It is equally important for men to help their women in performing domestic chores. The men need to respect and love their wives.

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