PM Imran Khan Taking Pakistan Towards Scientific Development

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is trying his best to make Pakistan a better and prosperous place. Every day for the past two years the PM of Pakistan has been working day and night to put Pakistan on the road towards development and towards a flourished state. One recent thing that the Prime Minister of Pakistan announced was that he would get authorities to develop a Science and Technology Park (NSTP) of Pakistan which will be the asset of the whole country.

And recently it was reported in the news that Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the biggest and the most advanced Science and Technology Park (NSTP) of Pakistan in Islamabad. The Science and Technology Park (NSTP) will be the country’s largest innovative and largest research faculty which will be used to research new and groundbreaking technological aspects. It is the research ecosystem that will have the capacity of holding more than 40 technological and scientific innovative companies. The Park (NSTP) will also include new companies and recently startups, medium enterprises (SMEs) and also large companies.

This Park (NSTP) will be the hub of scientific and technological discoveries which will also include a lot of support from international technological and scientific research enterprises and faculties. Prime Minister also said at the inauguration that the government will give special focus to the education of science and technology so that your youth excels in this field and take part in this Park (NSTP) and use it for their and their country’s benefit.

The Science and Technology Park (NSTP) of Pakistan will be located in the National University of Science and Technology Islamabad, it was decided by the PPPA (Public-Private Partnership Authority) to initiate this process of the Park in the vicinity of the National University of Science and Technology. Hopefully, this Park will help in equipping the youth with the latest technology and scientific facts and will work as a base for all the country’s researches, entrepreneurs and innovations.

This initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan is aimed to build a stronger and more reliable economy of Pakistan which will be based on the technology.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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