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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Rockstar Welcome in the United States

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 23/07/2019)

2015 was the year when the then Prime Minister visited the United States. Since then there is no official level meeting between the government hierarchies of the two countries. Since the inception of the current Prime Minister Imran Khan, the things have completely changed. He is looking forward to having better relations with all the countries of the world. At the same time, he is striving hard to bridge the gap between the countries that have lost trust in Pakistan in the recent past. One of the recent steps taken in this regard is the visit of the Prime Minister to the United States. It is no doubt a big thing done by the Prime Minister after a gap of almost 4 years.

The prime minister’s visit spreads over a period of three days starting from Sunday 21st July 2019. On Sunday the PM addressed a huge community gathering of the Pakistanis who had come from different parts of the United States. A rough estimate states that a total of 30,000 people gathered in the Capital Arena One of the Washington DC. The number was 10,000 more than the seating space in the Arena.

As the visit was finalized Pakistanis living in the States had made up their mind to listen to their leader. The moment he entered the Arena the crowd gave their favorite leader a mind-blowing welcome. This sight reminded the people of the times when IK used to enter the playgrounds. This was a record-breaking gathering of any foreign community in the United States. During his address, he told the people what he dreams for the country and what role the Pakistanis can play in the improvement of the country.

The Prime Minister traveled to the United States on a low budget commercial flight to keep the things economical. The PM is likely to meet the President of the United States on Monday. As per the reports it is expected that the heads of the state will talk about the better economic, political and foreign ties between the two countries.

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