Mohsin Abbas and Fatima Sohail Press Conference

Fatima Sohail Press Conference

Domestic violence has become a widespread thing in our society. Over the past few years, this has become a real menace for society. We have seen families breaking up and the young generations suffering and paying the price. It is a terrible crime. The strength of the man is not hidden in how he mistreats the woman in the home but actually, it rests in the fact that how well he manages the things. Among the stories of domestic violence that appear in the media on a regular basis one recent addition id, the story of Fatima Sohail wife of the popular singer turned actor Mohsin Haider. The moment her story and the heart-wrenching images appeared on the social media the whole country went into shock. It was the worst news for the fans of Mohsin.

Fatima claimed that her husband beat her to blue and black back in 2018 when she was holding his baby. He was even not concerned about his son after the little angel opened his eyes in this world. After the post got viral Mohsin appeared before the press and even talked to a popular television network, in his short talks he absolutely negated the notion of his wife.

The reaction of Fatima was absolutely different. After Mohsin built up the courage to appear before the press she took the Quran and vowed that whatever she stated was completely right. Fatima got support from the colleagues and friends of her husband too, who were of the view that domestic violence is the worst type of torture. Dua Malik supported her friend for she said that Fatima had told her about what Mohsin was doing to her, making every day of her life the most tormenting one in the last three years.

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Mohsin Abbas Denied All the Allegation

Day after her wife blamed him to treat her badly with proof. Mohsin came forward to prove her wrong. For this purpose, he held a press conference. In his press conference, he claimed that their marriage was never calm, always being on the toxic side. He said that she has no medical proof to support her claim. He added that these pictures are of 2019 when she fell down the stairs.

He said that “All crying women don`t speak the truth”. He said that Fatima was playing the woman card. He said that both of them realize that this marriage won`t work. According to him marrying for their emotional step which was wrong.

He accepted that their marriage never worked but he has never abused her. He also added that he wants to marry another woman to which she objected. She said that Fatima threatened him to kill herself. She wanted all his property transferred to her name.

He said that he never backs off his promises and responsibilities. He used to send hundreds and thousands of rupees for his son and also pair hospital dues.

At last, he added that he is sure that the marriage will not work anymore and he has to give divorce to Fatima. Moreover, he said that his Facebook ID has been hacked and someone posted abusive remarks from there.

People have completely rejected his part of the story. They said that he was not in flow while telling the truth. Well, people have mix remarks but mostly are not convinced with his part of the story. They have noticed the flaw and rejected to believe in him. Many of his fans were disappointed with this act. People were also against him using “Syed Card”. People say that he thinks that he is a kind person and everyone around him is jealous of him.

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