Punjab Govt To Make Drug Test Obligatory For The Students

Punjab government is planning to organize a campaign in educational institutions against drug abuse. The Punjab government has announced that the students of all public and private schools will have to follow the drug testing policy across the province. The parents of the students will also get notified about the test reports.

Punjab Minister of School Educations, Murad Raas, shared the details about it in a press conference. He reported that the government is going to act on his plan with the health department and the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) to run this campaign effectively.

He also told that the government had been notified by the reports about the continuous use of ice in schools. The department is about to visit all the schools. It will also get certifications regarding the drug-free schools from the Chief Executive Officers of the education authorities drug-free schools in their areas. Quick action would be taken against the student whose drug test report found to be positive.

It was reported by the minister that the education authority would cancel the registration of the schools that violate the court orders.

Keeping in view the measures to improve the education standards, the minister further told that the Punjab Government would soon launch the latest technology for improving the student-teacher ratio in classrooms.

Moreover, he announced that another policy of e-transfer would come into effect to make sure that the teachers’ transfers are completely based on merit and transparency. He further told that the govt would close all of the unregistered private schools by the 12th of April. All of the schools must be registered before the date.


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