Qeemat Punjab App Helps to Control Prices of Goods

Right now prices of almost everything is increasing on a daily basis and people are not aware what the actual prices are. The prices are being increased by the manipulators as well who are looking to get high profits as the wave of inflation hits Pakistan. But now the government of Punjab has found a way to tackle the issue of raising unfair prices by introducing a Qeemat Punjab mobile app that shows the prices of fruits, vegetables, and other items that are consumed on daily basis. The app has been made for the convenience of the people so that they can easily check the prices and compare them with the prices that are been offered by the shopkeepers.

The Qeemat Punjab app not only tells you the prices but it also lets you complain against shopkeepers who are charging high prices for anything. An app is a helpful tool in controlling the increasing prices and keeping the rates to what the government has approved. The app has been designed by the Pakistan Information and Technology Board (PITB) and the rates of the things are updated on a daily basis due to the fluctuation in prices. People can read the information given in the app in both English and Urdu language.

People can compare the prices as per their region or tehseel from the relevant city. If the prices are higher and a complaint has been filed, then the government will take immediate action against the stores. People are finding it easy to keep a check on their prices so that unnecessary increases are not given by the shopkeepers on a daily basis. The use of the app has increased significantly as more than 50,000 people have downloaded the app from the Play Store and are now using it to get information related to prices on a daily basis.

Qeemat Punjab App:

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