Ban on Plastic Bags in Islamabad after 14 Aug


The government has banned plastic bags in Islamabad after 14 Aug 2019. This ban is due to its adverse effects on pollution. Anyone who is found in this business will be fined for up.5 million.


This information was given by State Minister for Climate Change in Zartaj Gul. She gave this in front of Sub Committee of the Senate on Climate change. This committee was chaired under Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed.

According to Zartaj Gul, Anyone who will be using plastic bags after 14 august, 2019 will be charged. She insisted on using cloth bags.

This decision was made after the adverse effects of pollution on climate. According to statistics, Pakistan is at 7th number among the countries affected because of natural disasters. So this ban was made in this regard. To control pollution and climatic change in regard to use of the plastic bag.

As in initiative, she told that they have distributed cotton bags among official, media personals and parliamentarians. More 5000 cotton bags are to be distributed among federal government employees.


She also added that these bags will be available for free on Sunday and jummah bazars.

Besides this, the committee also discussed several other arrangements which should be done to improve climatic condition and plantation in the Capital.

Committee insisted on removing billboard which covers a large area. That area can be used for plantation. Ministry is also planning to take a serious step toward those who are causing air pollution around Islamabad.

People have shown a positive attitude toward this development. They are hopeful to see the change soon all over the country. People insist on bringing this policy to not only in Islamabad but also in the whole country including Lahore and Karachi.

Now it is our responsibility to take a step and say no to plastic

Bags forever.


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