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Royal Couple Five days Visit to Pakistan


Whenever it comes to trolling Pakistani’s never miss a chance not to roast anybody whether it is Cricket, Politics, Wing Commander Abhi Nandan or Royalty. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Prince William are on their five days official tour to Pakistan and seem like they are having a great time here. It was historical that the royal family visited Pakistan after 13 years.


The couple commenced their visit yesterday in Islamabad and now they are in the northern areas of Pakistan. However, the whole nation welcomes the Royal’s, showed respect, but we really can’t help the memes we came across. We always find a way to laugh at any situation.

The people were talking about the Royal couple’s outfit designed accordingly as a Pakistani tradition. Kate Middleton was wearing a Pakistani flag color outfit. People were adoring and appreciating Kate for wearing Pakistani cultural dress.

The hashtags #RoyalVisitsPakistan and #RoyalTourPakistan have been on the top Pakistani trends.


Some of the hilarious memes by Malika-e- Bartania aka Queen Elizabeth,

“Mai ne dono ko kaha ke Pakistan jaa kar kisi morning show mai gaye tou mera mara hua moo dekhogy”, refers everyone hates those shows.


“Raastay mai Centaurus Mall deknay ke bad Kate khushi sy pagal hogai” describing the beauty of Islamabad, after all ‘Centaurus Mall’ is the reason of Islamabad’s beauty.

It’s not over yet, how can anyone forget the royal couple’s entry, doing their best to keep it ‘Traditonal’ they arrived on a Rickshaw for their ground reception. We Pakistani’s never missed a chance to troll anyone out there, we photoshop and bomb them photoshopped masterpieces, we tweet and troll, we make video parody and what not. Pakistan is full of talent for making good memes, after all, we laugh and memes are taking us to Jannah.

People still wonder that if the royal’s still called them “the colonies” as an inside joke. Pakistani’s could not resist by showing off their sense of humor and took it to twitter and made obvious hilarious memes on the royal couple.

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Royal Couple Five days Visit Pakistan:

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