Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain Lehri Are No More Together

Love is a word that has many meanings. It can be in the form of a relationship, cravings, bonds, mutual understanding, and happiness. If we go back to two generations, we can see how love was unconditional, pure and well, rich! Couples were headstrong and never had the concept of divorce. It was easy to love nature, beauty and be appreciating. Love was a binding feeling or agent in everyone’s lives, but that is not the case anymore.

In the 21st century, particularly in 2019, we have seen how love is not as strong and pure as it used to be. Unfortunately, we have seen many break ups, divorces and separations happening all over the world. It does not end here, we even observed how love for the basic or classic things such as spending time together and cherishing one another has lost its value.

The Pakistani showbiz industry is a victim to such scenarios. We have seen many famous couples from this industry experiences break ups and everything else we can think of. It is the end of 2019 and unfortunately, another couple has decided to part ways, Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain Lehri have decided to part ways.

Sabeeka Imam is a British-Pakistani model who has gained fame from showcasing fantastic clothing lines of designers as a model. She officially started her journey in the fashion industry in 2014 and ever since has been rocking it. She even appeared in ‘’Queen’’, a comedy-drama film.

Hasnain Lehri is an award-winning model from Pakistan. He is known for receiving multiple awards including consecutive ones from Lux Style Awards 2015-2018 for his impeccable performance in the modeling industry.

The duo became a couple in 2018 and were rocking it ever since. It was normal to find cute, cuddly and warm pictures of the duo together all over Instagram. As we would perceive we felt they were headstrong but apparently Sabeeka announced the breakup on Instagram on the 19th of December with a heavy heart. The post contains multiple pictures of the ex-couple donned in black and white filters, when expressions any normal couple would have. Apparently she announced it to end speculations, make it clear there were internal issues and well that they could not go forward.

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T H E E N D And so this journey officially comes to an end. It has been a long time since we both realised that our paths are destined to be separate. After multiple attempts and much consideration we have called it quits. I am sharing this on social media because I'm tired of answering questions about my status and going through interrogations about why. I’m tired of people’s opinions and involvement. I'm tired of pretending that things are ok so that I can keep a facade going. I'm tired of people assuming that I'm engaged or getting married. There was a proposal but unfortunately it did not materialise due to irreconcilable differences. I would like to request everyone to just let this difficult time pass as our friends and families are involved and I don't want them to go through any further pain or disappointment.

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