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Pervez Musharraf Sentenced to Death for High Treason

With amid changes in the rules, regulations, and economy, Pakistan is going through a rather dynamic change in various areas. Pakistan has seen many presidents change the course of history through major decisions and actions which either made and broke the nation. A remarkable leader, Pervez Musharraf, who was not only the COAS but also the President of Pakistan during the early 2000’s was notified that he was awarded a death sentence from a special court, apparently without his knowledge.

Pervez Musharraf commenced his initial involvement when it came to representing and serving the nation by joining the army. He has played a significant role by crossing rank after rank, being involved in 8 major wars and battles including Indo-Pakistan war of 1965 & 1971 and eventually being promoted to Chief Of Army Staff, the highest rank in the Pakistani Army. It did not stop there, his breadth of knowledge and will to lead the country also landed him the seat as the President of Pakistan in 2001. He served his term from 2001-2008, in which he was known for being an involved and on a lighter note sort of a leader, who encouraged to bring back music and theatre to the country. This was evident when he joined Junoon in a historic performance. He was also known for positive changes such as implementation in a Women Protection Bill, tried his best to maintain or strengthen ties with neighbor India by sympathizing when the Gujarat earthquake happened in 2001 and even sent supplies. Unfortunately, he was equally accused between nuclear scandals, corruption and other types of charges.

Such were the circumstances he eventually led a life in Dubai, on the basis of exile. He spent many years delivering talks on various occasions, appearing on TV shows to discuss many topics and contribute in other manners. Today he has been accused of treason without his knowledge and has been awarded the death sentence by a special court. The news is shocking to the ex-president in which he highly stressed he was not aware of the charges and feel he is being victimized.

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