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Saboor Ali as Never Seen Before in Short Film Malkin

Written by Arooj Ahmed
(Last Updated On: 31/08/2019)

Saboor Ali is one of the popular stars of the television. The creativity genes are there as the signs are seen in her sister Sajjal Ali too. Saboor has always been known for unusual characters. She has mostly played the role of the third person who either breaks the relationship between the two or plays the role of someone creating the misunderstanding. She is so great at doing these negative roles. There are very few plays of hers where she has played a positive role or the role of a simple, innocent girl. Currently, we are witnessing three different plays of saboor on different channels being bhool, Gul o Gulzar and Naqabzan. In the first one she plays the daughter who was deprived of parental love before she actually opened her eyes in this world. Gul o Gulzar is the typical Saboor Ali thing. She plays the friend who exploits the innocence of her friend by snatching away all possible choices of a happy life. Naqabzan unfolds the story of a girl physically abused by her brother in law whom she trusts the most in this world.

Whatever role she plays she is appreciated. Her fans are always waiting for something new from her side. The upcoming attraction starring Saboor Ali is a short film named Malkin although not much has been revealed about the story and the rest of the stars what is mentioned are that the star actress has never played a bold role like this before. The teases that have come up exhibit that the theme is basically lust and endless desires.

It is a Dot Media presentation. The story is written by Dilshad Naseem and is directed by Syed Ali Raza. The producers are the renowned Samina Hamayun and Sana Shahnawaz. Muhammad Adnan Butt is the executive producer.

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