Aiman and Muneeb Blessed with Baby Girl

It seems that it all happened some days back when this most adored couple of the silver screen Aiman and Muneeb entered into wedlock. The wedding itself was a festival for the fans. The celebrations continued for more than a month. There was so much of the show and pomp that had never been witnessed before. The story of fan following continued even after the wedding was over. The honeymoon, the announcement of carrying the baby and then the baby bath were all part of the social media.

Today, the social platforms are full of blessings, prayers, and felicitations for the couple as they have their first daughter. The newly blessed parents got the blessing of Allah on Friday. The parents have named the little angel as Amal Muneeb. The name was announced on the Instagram account of the proud and happy father. In his post the lucky father, Muneeb Butt mentioned that it is difficult to express his joy over the birth of his daughter. He is thankful to Allah that He has bestowed upon them “Rehmat e Khuda”, in the shape of their daughter. He was happy to hold Amal, their first child in his hands.

The twinnie of the new mom Minal Khan also showed her immense love and happiness over the arrival of her niece. The friends and fans are constantly adding comments below the posts telling the story of pleasure. They are pouring out their hearts to let the family know that they share their joy and pray that the best comes to their life. The prominent names who have added the comments filled with blessings include Ayeza Khan, Shahzad Sheikh, Aijaz Aslam and Yasir Hussain.

The fans also are praying for the best of the parents and the little angel.

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