Shahid Afridi Has a Twitter Q&A with Fans

Former captain of the Pakistan cricket team and the heartbeat of millions of people, Shahid Khan Afridi has spoken his heart out whenever he is asked something. Lala is one of those personalities that will say the truth right on the face and will not make any cover stories. We have seen it in the past how Shahid Afridi has been straight forward with his statements whether they are related to cricket, politics, or any other thing. Lala has always been spot on and that is another reason why people love him to the most. Recently the all-rounder had Q&A session with his fans on Twitter where he asked his fans to ask him any questions that they want using #AskLala. And people came up with dozens of questions.

And when Lala holds a Q&A session, it is mandatory that people do ask questions about Ahmad Shahzad, but this time around Afridi included him in the conversation. One fan asked Lala that had he ever used beauty creams or do any other player use beauty creams in the team. To which Lala replied that he hasn’t used any beauty cream ever and he is all natural. And he further said that you can ask Ahmad Shahzad about it, pointing his fingers at the opening batsman who is always concerned about his looks whether he is on the field or off the field. The answer from Lala was amazing as it always has been.

Lala was also asked several other questions which included whether he likes Karahi or Biryani to which Lala replied Biryani. One fan asked that when will we be able to see another Shahid Afridi and the answer to it was that there is only one Shahid Afridi, which is quite true to be honest. When asked about Kohli or Babar, who would he choose, Lala replied that he would choose both. And we would also love to see both Kohli and Babar bat together as well. Lala when asked about his favorite sportsperson, said that Jahangir Khan and Mohammad Ali are his all-time favorite sportsperson in the world.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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