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Shahrukh Jatoi’s Death Sentence Reduced to the Life Imprisonment

Society is greatly impacted by the sad events happening around. May it be the killing of the innocent or harassment of any sort the people start feeling insecure and look forward to the proper solution of the entire situation? Justice is the key to their grievances. Timely justice is integral to the satisfaction of the people around us. One of the current cases that have gained the attention of people of all walks of life is that of Shahrukh Jatoi who along with his friends was accused of murdering the innocent Shahzeb Khan back in 2012. It took years for the family of the innocent to get justice.

Being a high profile family member Shahrukh escaped justice several times. This not only raised dissatisfaction among the family but also in society. Questioned were raised as to if the innocent will ever get the justice or not. Their grievances were addressed when the anti-terrorist court back in 2013 announced the death sentence for the two main culprits being Shahrukh and Siraj. The rest of the two culprits Sajjad and Murtaza were given the life sentence. The culprits then went to the Sindh high court and filed an appeal against the decision of the anti-terrorism court.

The appeal was heard in the high court and finally, the Sindh court announced n 13th May that the death sentence of the two will be changed with the life imprisonment. According to the media reports, the decision of the court was one day prior to its announcement. The final verdict said that it was only the death imprisonment that was changed. The punishment of the rest of the two was still maintained and that being life imprisonment. There is a mixed perception in society regarding the current decision.


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