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Social Media Trolling Adnan Sami as ISI Agent in India #Major Adnan Sami

(Last Updated On: 04/03/2019)

Social Media Trolling Adnan Sami as ISI Agent in India. Adnan Sami is a name that who creates anger among the Pakistanis since the boy just got up to renounce his Pakistani citizenship to India. Since then during any India-Pakistan contention, Sami has always been there to create a dispute in the side of Pakistani’s.

Adnan Sami has also been a praising by social media during the current military tensions between Pakistan and India. This slogan that he’s an ISI agent began when he left his twitter msg as“Jai Hind” after India crossed the LOC and entered through Pak boundaries.

The hashtag #MajorAdnanSami has just been on top of the Twitter for two days now and masses have really uncontrollable takes on the matter.

In Some Tweets, His many makeovers are proved to be as evidence that he has been working as an ISI agent for all these recent years.

Some People Tweets about Even Pakistani politicians admired Adnan Sami for his mission and prayed for success in his mission. Prime Minister praised him for being Pakistani agent who helped us shot down IAF pilot and that PM is going to award him “Sitara-e-jurat” for his honesty and loyalty. Prime Minister Imran Khan also left a secret code message to Major Adnan Sami which our enemies can’t decode.

All the people on social media are supposed to stop posting about his efforts so that he might not get in trouble.

Some Tweet after this trolling for 3 days:

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