Songs.PK Launched many mirrors after getting blocked in India


The most famous website is now banned in India after Calcutta high court order. is a popular site to download Bollywood songs. As it is banned in India so don’t be afraid if you are unable to access to download your favorite songs. However, the site is not down, and anyone can access it easily by using some tricks.


Calcutta high court has ordered all the internet service providers to ban because it is a Pakistani website. Now, this site is no longer available to download songs, but you can use it in India easily to access this blocked site by using some easy tricks. Site is also popular many Mirrors name i.e.,,,

Why banned in India

The main reason for blocking this site is that is continuously offering pirated music downloaded which is violating copyrights. Keeping this thing in mind, Sagarika Music PVT LTD filed a petition in high court and got some success over this issue.

How can you access Songs PK in India?


By going to or You can easily access this site by changing the DNS (Domain name server) or by using a proxy server. This will help you to open the site and download your favorite songs.

DNS or proxy server security

Yes, it is secure to use different DNS or proxy server to access the site to download the songs. But don’t use unknown DNS or proxy server, because all the data will travel through the proxy site.

Is it legal to download songs from

No, it is not legal to download songs from and this is the reason why this site is blocked in India.  The user may buy songs from, and if you caught on downloading or using pirated songs, you might get fined.

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