Things We Need to Do This Independence Day


Independence Day is just around the corner and just like every year, it will be celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. But during these celebrations, we need to know that there are some responsibilities that we have as a nation. So let’s promise that we will try to make Pakistan a better place to live by doing these things:


Say No to Plastic

Plastic is dangerous and it’s about time that we say goodbye to plastic bags and start using eco-friendly bags that can be used again and again and will also not harm the environment.

Go Green

During the Independence Day celebration, we turn everything into the green but now we need to plant trees in order to make it green the whole year. Every person should plant at least 1 tree so that we have a sea of green in the coming years.

Promote Tourism

Pakistan is a beautiful country that has not yet been explored completely. We all need to promote local tourism here so that people can stop thinking about Bali or Maldives and can only talk about Pakistan.


Donate Blood

There are times when people need blood urgently and they cannot find anyone. We all need to help such people out by donating blood which not only helps them but also has a positive impact on our bodies as well.

Follow the Rules

There are a handful of people who follow traffic rules properly. Otherwise, most of them will come the wrong way or break the signal as well. We shall work to obey all the traffic rules and drive slowly so that there is no danger to anyone’s life.

Educate the Poor

Education is the key to success and the poor people are deprived of a good education. We need to give them a proper education so that they can bring a good name to Pakistan.

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