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Indian Men Seeking New Policy to Marry Kashmiri Girl

The situation in Kashmir is turning from bad to worse on a daily basis and it looks like things aren’t going to go well in the near future as well. Ever since Article 370 was scrapped and abolished there has been fear gripping the Kashmiris about their identities. And now Indian men are finding this rule as a chance to marry Kashmiri women something that is totally against the will of the Kashmiris. The last week had been troublesome for the people of Kashmir who have no identity left and this thing by Indian men will make it even more difficult for the people.

With heavy Indian army deployed, there have been online posts from a lot of men who have expressed their interest to marry women in Kashmir. Indian men are now looking to get land in Kashmir followed by their wife in Kashmir which is a pathetic thing to be considered even specifically after what India has been doing in Kashmir for 70 years. Not only this, but BJP Lawmaker Vikram Saini was also seen urging his party workers to marry women in Kashmir, an act that has no moral level at all and something that you can expect from a lawmaker at least.

He said that Muslim workers should be happy that they can now marry fair Kashmiri girls. The ads posted about marrying Kashmiri women have not gone well with the human right activists who have come forwarded to defend Kashmiri women. These activists are now saying that the step is a sexist one and there is no need to bring a women’s body amongst all this in this battleground. The remarks made are offensive and that is something that the Indian government needs to curb such actions as it will further add fuel to the fire to the Kashmiri people.



Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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