Top Mehndi Songs 2019 – 2020

Pakistan is known for its vibrant rich culture and celebrations held throughout the year, from wedding festivities to religious events such as Eid, we have celebrations for everyone!

Celebrations are important in Pakistani culture as families like to gather together and catch up with one another primarily through meeting with one another.

Mehndi, a pre or during wedding festivity, is commonly celebrated in all Pakistani homes! It is known for being the most vibrant day of the wedding festivities thanks to the powerful theme of colors and decor! It is the favorite day for many thanks to the singing, dancing, fun, laughter and just having a splendid time.

The Pakistani film industry has soured high this year through multiple film releases. The films are of various themes, from love, cross family marriages, politics, the army, and whatnot. What we enjoyed most is the top mehndi songs we brought in from the movies and TV series released this year! Let’s explore them.

  • Chhalawa – Chhalawa

This is set in an interesting movie. It is colorful, full of energy and awesome vibes! Perfect for a Punjabi wedding.

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  • Noori – Superstar

This is for everyone who loves the one and only Mahira Khan! She does a fantastic dance and gives us an upbeat vibe. It is for the girls who love making a move and dancing together in groups.

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  • Ik Pal – Parey Hut Love

This song comes from an energetic movie about a funny love story. A must-have on the playlist.

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  • Haye Dil – Parey Hut Love

Oh, this is an amazing song! Full of flavor and energy, the music video clearly shows how to have a good time at a wedding! A must have for everyone to dance on.

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  • Chamkeeli – Abrar Ul Haq

Abrar Ul Haq is one of our favorite and loved Punjabi artists. All his songs convey deep emotions, especially of love! This is an amazing song complementing current trends.

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  • Bari – Bilal and Momina

Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan have collaborated together for a soul-lifting and beautiful piece of music. It not feel amazing but conveys so many emotions in one song. A perfect song for multiples part from the background, walk in to just rocking it!

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