US multinational Cargill will invest in Pakistan

The winds of change are finally here. The people had high hopes from the new regime. One way to take out the country from the financial crisis was the foreign investment. The people living abroad had apprehensions about the uncertain situation in the country that prevented them from bringing their investment to Pakistan. The new regime under the PM Imran Khan has won the confidence of the foreign investors in very little time. The process has started already. The globally acclaimed food and agriculture expert Cargill, from the United States, has agreed to bring the US $200 million to Pakistan for the future investment. This contract concluded after a series of meetings that were held between the key members of the Cargill team and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The company was thinking about extending the business to the Asian continent. The company believes that it will be able to have a successful market for the food products created by Cargill’s company.  The major food products include dairy products, meat, edible oils and healthy feeding options for the animals of all kinds and sorts. The company is already known for its safe and reliable food products that are supplied that already famous all over the world.

It is considering the prospects of the dairy business in Pakistan Cargill plans to start the dairy business with new models and ideas. At the same time, the edible oil business will also be added to the list of the investments. The interest of investing in Pakistan has also increased due to the agricultural background. There is an excellent room for the progress and development of the business in Pakistan. It is hoped that this will be the first step towards financial growth and development. The prime minister of Pakistan has already welcomed the proposals of the Cargill team with open arms. The nation hopes that this will write a new history for the financial development of the country.


Noor Mani is senior tech correspondent and renowned professional writer from Pakistani local Newspaper Weekly Multan. She is a P.E.C accredited Electronics Engineer and has wide vision over technology and local media industry scope. She is now a Managing Editor at Web.PK. You can email her at noor @ web.pk.

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