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Zahid Ahmed to Play Role of a Man Suffering From Split Personality Disorder

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 10/06/2019)

Zahid Ahmed is one of the most underrated actors in the Pakistani drama industry nowadays. The actor has played some powerful roles in the past that have got huge support from the audience. And this time around he is back again with another power pack performance in the drama serial Ishq Zahe Naseeb. The actor will be playing the role of a man who is suffering from a split personality disorder. The look of Zahid in the drama is unrecognizable and this just shows what is in the store for us. Apart from Zahid Ahmed, the other actors in the lead role of the drama are Yumna Zaidi, Zarnish Khan, and Sonya Hussain.

In the drama, Zahid Ahmed will be playing the male character that suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). It is a psychological condition in which a person has been experiencing two or more personalities with both personalities taking over them. This can lead to depression, memory loss, and other diseases. In the drama, it looks as if Zahid sees himself as Yumna Zaidi which makes us believe that he has split personality disorder of a female. The drama will be released on Hum TV after Eid. It is written by Hashim Nadeem and directed by Farooq Rind.

Talking about the drama, Zahid said that he cannot disclose much about the plot as it will kill all the suspense that has been created. He said that every person needs love but when those basic rights are not given then the person becomes someone that they fear. He said that the new role is a big challenge for him and he has always wanted to do challenging characters. He said that he hopes that the audience will like him in the new look and will appreciate the drama that they are bringing on the screens.

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