Punjab Approves E-Transfer Policy for Teachers

Online systems are the best way to ensure transparency in any department or organization. This is exactly what the Punjab government has done in its education department. An online system has been introduced by the government for the transfer of government teachers which will ensure that the overall transfer process of teachers is smooth, transparent, and streamlined. The system has been designed by the Punjab government keeping in mind all the irregularities that take place and how these irregularities can be overcome through the online transfer system. The system will serve on merit and will ensure that the postings and transfers are done purely on merit and not under the influence of anyone.

Education Minister of Punjab Muraad Raas has said that the teachers now will not have to go to their MNAs, MPAs, or ministers for transfer requests. The clerks in the government department will not be able to take bribe as well in order to get transfer orders of the teacher. The minister said that the e-transfer policy for teachers cost us zero money and the decision was taken in order to stop the corruption that took place in the transfers of teachers. Muraad Raas said that every year Rs. 3 to 5 billion are given as bribe for transfers of teachers.

The new online system introduced will eradicate all these corrupt practices in the system and bring merit and transparency to the forefront of the Education Department. In the new system, the teachers will also be able to register their complaints if there is any problem that they are facing. According to CM Punjab, Usman Buzdar, the new online system is for the betterment of the teachers and will help in prevailing a transparent culture in the education department that has been missing for a while.


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