“Zaid Ali is a horrible blogger.” says Shahveer Jafry

You Tubing has become a popular trend. People all over the world enjoy uploading their experiences, ideas and even knowledge through the videos. It is also a handsome source of earning for many who do not have anything to work. They just sit in the comfort of their room, upload a video and then become popular after a few videos. The trend has equally increased among the Pakistani youth. The two names that are associated with YouTube and known for their creative skills are Shahveer Jafri and Zaid. Both have become popular in just a few years. The number of their fans has grown considerably and includes people of all ages.

Shahveer Ali is a little recent You Tuber who made his name among the You Tubers with his comic creations highlighting the people that have an Asian-Canadian foundation. He tries to highlight their culture, traditions, daily life and even their likes and dislikes in a comic way. Shahveer started in 2013 and in just 6 years he has become able to acquire a long list of subscribers on both the YouTube and the Face book.

Zaid Ali, on the other hand, has come up with some great videos that have made people laugh and smile. The two You Tubers have also made a number of videos in collaboration. After Zaid made people happy with the comic stuff he started blogging too. Like his videos that were mostly on how the local Pakistanis live he highlighted the same in the blogs too.

Despite the close collaboration and joint ventures Shahveer’s recent statement in a show shocked the fans of both who like to see both stars together. In Bol television’s show, Bol nights with Ahsan Khan Shahveer commented that Zaid must stop blogging. He was of the view that despite his high-class YouTube skills he does not deserve to be called a blogger because he is really horrible in this regard.

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