Shamoon Abbasi Speaks About Humaima Malik Domestic Abuse Claim

Ever since Fatima Sohail has come up with her story of domestic violence there have been more stories from celebrities coming their way. On the one hand, we are reading the condemnation from different people belonging to different walks of life and on the other hand, the new stories of domestic abuse from celebrities are shocking their fans. It is often believed that these people live a glamorous life that is as fascinating as is their screen life. The story is not that fascinating in reality. A similar discussion started when in one of the posts Humaima Malick posted some heart-wrenching words, “I am shameful of myself today I did not do anything for myself, 3 years of an abusive marriage, 7 years of another abusive relationship and it repeated again.” To many, this post was about her ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi.

Soon after this post-Shamoon’s statement appeared on the social media condemning any such abusive thing in their relation. He was clear about the fact that in their less than a decade relationship there was all love aspect. Shamoon talks very high of Humaima. He added that despite the fact they are no longer in the relationship he still considers her a good friend. He further added that she must have mentioned the one year of her marriage after their 3-year-old relationship ended. Shamoon was very clear that the people have misperceived the post. It has nothing to do with their marital life. He still wishes to act with her in any movie although the circumstances are not allowing doing so.

The posts from both sides are here. It is now important that how people take things. It is important to keep in mind that Humaima has not mentioned any name. It is just the time frame she has mentioned.


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