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We all have seen drama industry’s twin sisters, Minal and Aiman Khan, in dramamas playing characters of petite and ingénue ladies who have heartwarming intentions for their family members but this time Minal is set to shock everyone with some different character because the Khan sister want to check her versatility and increase her limit; therefore, you will see her soon in Jalan.

Cast of Drama Serial “Jalan” :

Jalan is the project of Aabis Raza (director) and Sidra Sehar Imran (writer) that will air on ARY Digital TV soon. The drama revolves around two sisters, Neesha and Misha, and their love for one man. However, that one man would be husband of Misha and Neesha is stepping in their house to break the knot and become his partner. Yet, at the same time in the parallel story, there will be lover of Neesha who want to marry her but she would insult her a lot. Later, the family would come to know about the game of little sister and the father would say “Yeh meri beti nahi ho sakti”. Viewers will see desperate women getting slap from her lover and in some episodes she might be taken out of the home of her sister by Misha to save the marriage.

Story of Drama Serial “Jalan”:

Although story seems very cliché- old and typical love triangle, it can be hoped that direction, camera shots and dialogues might make it eye-gluing as the cast of it is new who have pretty good acting skills. You will see Minal Khan as Neesha and Areeba Habib as Misha. Meanwhile, there Emmad Irfani will be the other-half of Areeba Habib who might like her sister-in-law as he asked her wife to wear something different because Minal Khan shook her head from behind the door. His name will be Hassan in the drama. Besides, you will see Fahad Sheikh as the lover of Minal Khan who bought a shawl for her but she insulted him that why he bought cheap gifts for her and asked him to learn something from her Dulhay bhai. The name of the character of Fahad Sheikh will be Ahmer.

However, Minal Khan is famous for playing role in average dramas but Koi Chand Rakh villain may make the drama must-watch by pairing with the top model. Therefore, watch its teasers and share your views about this new drama that will air soon to add some colors in quarantine’s boring routine.

OST of Drama Serial “Jalan” :

YouTube video

The Teaser of Drama Serial “Jalan”:

YouTube video
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