Azaan Given In 100 Mosques of Germany and Holland

Amidst of this pandemic coronavirus outbreak, each country is fighting its best to minimize the rates of death. However, there are countries, despite having the best healthcare around the globe are soiled in this virus. Germany is suffering from this deadly disease after Spain, Italy, and America. The death toll has already crossed 1230.

Germany and Holland have the people who follow a different religion. Previously there was a specific dispute even on building mosques in the native land. There were protests and riots on building Mosque by the neighbors and the locals. While in Germany, there was a case in 2013 where the weekly call of Azan was also halted. The people complained about that in a manner, telling that the voice of Azan was bothersome and loud. The content of the Azan shows how Allah is superior to God. The call somehow forces the people to participate in it, which are dangerous for their religion, Christianity. Moreover, in further cases, Islam is said to be not compatible with faith as per the country; hence maximum practices and rights are banned.

As Germany, Holland and Netherlands is not the Islamic republic. Hence Azaan on loudspeakers isn’t the thing we can imagine. However, only in certain circumstances, Azaan is allowed only in the Muslim community. In this pandemic, Azaan’s are chanted all around the country, although different religious people are following. In Germany, more than 100 mosques rang out with Azaan in Berlin for the very first time after the mosques were constructed in 2008.

People following the trend in Pakistan, where at 10 pm Azan’s rang out from mosques, homes and madrasas. Same as in Germany, Holland Azan was the symbol of support and peace, where Azans were allowed to support the Muslims too. Churches in the areas ring bells, and mosques are rang with azans. It symbolizes that despite the religious difference, they want to stand up together. As per the people, they want to raise the morale and support of the Muslim community. Every religion has its way of worship and beliefs.

Around the world, this act is the act of humanity where humanity comes first regardless of all the religious differences, despite the previous cases and bans on the Muslim community for their spiritual practice. People in Germany and Holland spread the positivity in this deadly virus.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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