Shaukat Khanum : Free Covid-19 Screening Test

Since the coronavirus hit Pakistan and cases have been rising more than thousands, NGOs and social workers have come forefront to help the nation and support the government. One of them is the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center (SKMCH&RC).

SKMCH&RC has been leading among all hospitals and NGOs that are working to curb the virus in the country.

Unlike private hospitals, the charitable hospital has been offering screening tests of coronavirus pandemic for free of cost, however, it will cost the hospital Rs. 8000 to purchase testing kits and screen each patient. Yet, patients would not be charged o give services to the country at the time of need so that the nation has a better future.

However, the free services is available at the Lahore campus of SKMCH&RC. The administration has established a well-equipped camp there.

The statement mentioned that the free test service is only available at Shaukat Khanam Hospital’s Lahore facility, where they have established a fully equipped camp.

In a statement, it was said the hospital has set-up ‘Camp-COVID’. According to the statement, the camp is being trialed and then it will be used for assessment of the patients to see if they catch the virus or not.

As the cases are rising excessively in Pakistan, he ration drives and NGOs have been working day and night to help and cater to the poor people. Recently, Indus Hospital and DOW (Ojha Campus) have started the facility of screening the patients free of cost so that more and more people would be screened without being worried about cost and expenses. Besides, youngsters have started ration providing services by asking donations from which they ration and give I to poor people to help the nation because this critical time has resulted in the loss of jobs of thousands of people and the majority of the population of the country is daily wagers. Therefore, such steps are needed because it is the citizens that make Pakistan.

Shaukat Khanum had taken the much-needed step. It can be hoped that the facility will be provided on other campuses of the SKMCH&RC to assist the population of whole Pakistan. Moreover, it can be hoped that other centers follow the footsteps of Prime Minister Imran Khan created a hospital and support the government whole-heartedly because the whole nation needs the support of each other and government needs the cooperation from our side.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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