Digital Driving License System in Pakistan


It seems for last ten years that Pakistan would never avail benefits from digitization and internet because of standing in long queues to get a piece of paper which we call either CNIC or license but now our country is going ahead and trying its best to bring easiness in lives of their citizens through gadgets and online work. That’s the reason why Punjab Government has introduced digital driving license system in their province with the help of the Central Police office Rawalpindi and Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB) for the first time in the country.


Unlike past when people have to bring photos and other documents to make license, people just have to bring their National Identity Card to the office and get their card. However, you have to bring two passport-sized photos and stamped envelopes to the office so that it would be ensured by the office that you have paid for the license. Besides, you need to make sure that you are carrying bank challan as well.

By using this new system, a person could renew the license if it is expired during the lockdown, although you have to pay fine for crossing the deadline even though the office is closed during the pandemic. Yet, it can be ignored because of immense up-gradation after a long time in the country.


Although the ruling party is criticized for having flawed economic policies, it should be appreciated for using technology and promoting digitization in the country. Recently, Commerce Minister has sent the names of 38 exporters to US-based e-commerce giant, Amazon, for registration. The ministry has sent the names of the companies of surgical goods, sports goods and home textiles. They aimed to send names of companies of other sectors after the selection of sent names.

World Trade Organization also appreciated the government for taking right steps to promote e-commerce.

However, it is better to introduce the digital license system in other provinces as well by collaborating with their public companies and authorities to assist citizens of them. It will make it easier for them to get the license.

Punjab government has record of introducing updated-systems in their province. The example Green and Orange line is in front of us. It can be hoped that Pakistan People’s Party and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government would do something for their people soon like Punjab government, yet it seemed utopia to hope good things from them.

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