Hareem Shah will Host Ramadan Transmission

Is there anyone who do not know about Hareem Shah?

Obviously, everyone knows about the TikTok Star and her entrance in government buildings where she made videos and said that she is a member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and guards let the lady enter on Foreign Office without any security check and test because of having connections with the politicians.

Thus, the star is in limelight and might remain in newspapers for days.

Recently, Ms. Hareem tweeted that she has offered by reputable channel to host the Ramazan Transmission this year. She further said in the tweet that the viewers have to spend Ramzan and ask for forgiveness to Allah with her. The TikTok star even posted a video on Twitter in which she was wearing Hijab and hymned her lips and talked about her Ramzan Transmission.

As the tweet was posted, the viewers got another news to comment. The majority of the viewers passed negative comments. Some of the viewers requested her not to host the show while one of the users commented that it seems that they have the worst time that’s why they have to bear her this Ramadan. Whereas one the user said that if Amir Liaquat can do the show so why she would not be allowed to do the show. However, there are some users who appreciated her and wanted her to host the show. One of the fan of the star said that the hosting might help her to come towards Islam and help her to become religious while the other person wrote that they will enjoy having her in the Ramzan Transmission show. Besides one of the users commented that it will be good to see her in the upcoming show of Ramzan that will be time of forgiveness and pray.

Hareem Shah is a reputable TikTok star who is known for her videos and photos that she has taken with politicians. The news has encouraged numerous viewers to comment and retweet the tweet. Although social media gives platform every to speak freely, it should not misused and used to insult someone so much that would result in insecurity to the person who would be insulted. So, the star will be seen on Ramzan Transmission soon. If you are fan of her then it is good news for you but if you are not her fan so do not comment on something bad about her. Ignore her tweet and upcoming show.


Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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