HEC Orders All Universities to Conduct Online Classes

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools, colleges, and universities that has placed full stop on studies. No doubt, it has flooded school students with euphoria and ecstasy but university students are worried because they would have semester examinations after the holidays and their course has not been completed and finalized yet. Therefore, Higher Education Commission or HEC allowed universities and educational institutes to conduct classes online.

The notification of the organization says that the institute can teach digitally if they have a well-equipped Learning Management System or LMS.

However, the institutes are not ordered to teach online. According to the notification, the institutes that lack technology can consider these holidays as summer vacation and conduct classes after May 31 when the universities will reopen.

Although the notification give relaxation to institutes, HEC gave an alert message to the institutes that they have to conduct online classes after May 31 by hook or by crook to complete the syllabus and course if the holidays will be extended due to the excessive spread of the coronavirus pandemic that has plunged markets all over the world.

HEC asked the institutes to develop their LMS and be prepared to conduct classes from June 1.

The organization has taken some steps to connect students and teachers to continue learning and classes. HEC has established technical support committee (TSC) to assist teachers and staff members to learn to teach online. Moreover, the National Academy for Higher Education (NAHE) has been tasked by HEC to make a list of suggestions and databases of videos that would cater teachers and professors to impart lectures and teaching material online.

Besides, the HEC is to set up and launch National Knowledge Bank (NKB) which will provide academic resources and learning material to students and teachers.

The decision deserves appreciation for allowing teachers to conduct classes but it is thought-provoking to set up TSC and ask NAHE to cater teachers as there are many teachers and professors who require some practice before giving a lecture online. However, majority of students are enjoying the days by using social media but HEC has fulfilled its task by making NKB and providing access to academic material.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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