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Hina butt Trolled on Twitter by Showing of her GPA in Talk Show

With the advent of social media and Twitter, the line is getting blurred that connects the communicator and receiver. It can be seen in the case of Hina Butt.

Hina Butt is a Pakistani politician and member of the provincial assembly. Recently, the lady was seen in a Talk Show “TO THE POINT” where Mansoor Ali, anchorperson, said that Miss Hina got seat in Assembly because of her financial stability. To defend herself, the educated lady replied that she studied in LUMS and achieved 3.89 GPA. Moreover, she tweets negatively about anchor that he misbehaved with her on-air and if he wanted to this then he should not call her.

However, poor lady doesn’t know that her degree and GPA would be trolled on Twitter at such a high pace. Pakistanis retweet the video by expressing their opinion on it. Some said that she was showing off her degree and grades while many of them questioned if LUMS degree get her into provincial assembly. There were some who said that her LUMS is LUMSU from where she graduated. Twitter users also said that the anchor was polite and politician’s defensive answer was irrelevant. However, there are some or many users who used bad words that she got seat because she roam around famous politicians. Many users even made jokes on it. One of the user tweeted that he is also LUMS graduate but did not get seat. Yet, there were some who degraded LUMS. One of the person tweeted that his one relative is a teacher at LUMS while other at PU and LUMS one don’t know how to teach.

Hina Butt is Pakistani Politician who is affiliated with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). The lady got elected in 2013 on reserved seat for women. In 2018, she was elected again on reserved seat. Being, member of Punjab Provincial Assembly, she passed bills on child marriage and rape. She received numerous accolades in esteemed universities for her leadership qualities in which the University of Oxford and Cambridge University is included. Besides, she is a fashion designer and has a good educational background. However, this tweet of her pit everything of her in waste. And people tweeted on her post without even knowing her accolades.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

Arooj Ahmed is a professional content writer and have been working as a content writer from last 5 years. Pakistani Fashion and local social media topics are her major niches. Apart from that, She have worked on tech product reviews for 2 years with renowned tech companies. She's always open for new tips and write ups, feel free to connect.

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