Honda will only sale Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in Europe

In London (CNN Business), Europeans who want to buy Honda-powered predominantly by gasoline or diesel need to respond quickly. The Japanese carmaker announced that it will sell only Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles in Europe by starting 2020, three years earlier planned. In an interesting move of this Japanese carmaker, the occasion was the launch of the newly launched electric jazz model for the European market, Amsterdam.

Honda said that the timetable reflects its confidence in green technology and regulatory changes that have surmounted the industry in Europe.

Senior Vice President at ‘Honda’

Tom Gardner is the Senior Vice President at Honda. He declared that the pace of betterment in adjustment, the market, and consumer rate in Europe means that the shift towards electrification is happening faster in Europe than anywhere else.

The carmaker said it will lunch six new models in Europe over the next three years in order to meet its goals, adding a hybrid version of Jazz that goes on sale the next year. Earlier the world’s seventh-largest carmaker according to the Global Manufacturing Magazine aimed for launching these models by 2025. They say they see a huge change in Europe and today they are announcing their response to that.

The race to cleaner is underway globally, and automakers are investing heavily to avoid getting left behind. This is a very welcoming step for anti-pollution lobbies especially significant because it comes in the wake of the European Union setting rules for carmakers to reduce carbon dioxide and pollution vehicles emissions from next year onwards, or face fines.

Factories are being modernized to produce new models, and automakers are snapping up the batteries. One of the biggest drivers is the need to meet strict outpouring standards in China and Europe.

Gardner further explains that “We can also see the fact that the market around us is expanding frequently. The legislation environment around earlier is getting clear as well. It is the track we are on in terms of the development of the new fully electrified and hybrid line up.”

South-Korea largest car company, Hyundai, last week planned to invest 41 trillion won ($35 billion) into electric and hybrid cars and autonomous driving by 2025. Hyundai plans to release 23 kinds of electric vehicles by then, making up roughly half of its lineup.

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