Pakistani Short Film “Passoon” Wins First Prize by Film Maker Sarah Jehaan

Majority of us are busy in watching Dolan Twins videos or trying new recipes of pasta and Biryani and there might be some who are preparing for their exams or thinking what to make in iftaar, there are some who work differently and have some other things in their plate to do that can win our hearts and souls easily. One of them in Passoon!

Passoon is a short film of the bright student of our country, Sarah Jehaan Khan that won the first prize in the International Girls Impact the World Film Festival. Her name was announced by The Vampire Diaries’ hero, Ian Somerhalder, who awarded her with his wife, Nikki Reed, and asked her to make more films that highlight the efforts of young girls and people of a developing country.

Passoon highlights the topic of climate activism in Pakistan’s undeveloped areas. It is the story of a young climate activist, Manal, and her school where she taught men and students about the problems of climate and administration in the country to solve them.

The young filmmaker said that she decided to make something on her once she saw her teaching men about the problem. Sarah told the paper that she stayed at her home for days and visited her in Dir to know about her. The winner filmed the movie in her school and told the interviewer that while filming and coming to know the impact of the movies on people, she felt it important to highlight the issues of climate and tell the viewers about young and new climate activists who are working hard.

Miss Sarah further said that policymakers watched her movie and find it sad to know that there are problems of water scarcity in slum areas and villages of the country so much that that girl cannot continue their education because of having duty to fetch waters from far areas, like ancestors.

Therefore, the lady said that she thinks that films and movies are important to make as they have an impact on societies.

Sarah Jehaan Khan is the pride of Pakistan who filmed the positive and the most beautiful side of our country. Although there are the worst issues of fake blasphemy and wrongdoings, there are buds and flowers too. May the lady will have the brightest future ahead!

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