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Few months ago they got a line “Ye to hoga” from the video of Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi, the well-known Shia scholar, in which he was telling a story of the rebirth of “Laddan Jaffrey” who went to Karbala with his mother and died there while flying kites due to which his mother took him to Abbas (R.A) and said the she could not go back with the dead son; therefore give life, while at the same time the son opened his eyes and “Maa, I am alive”- as the scholar said. In the end of the story while telling that people would then say that what Zameer Akhtar has said, he said excitedly after energizing the audience “Ye to hoga” and the whole Twitterati copied that sentence and mixed it with different Indian films scenes and basic realities to create memes.

On Instagram, there are more than a thousand memes while Facebook and Twitter are flooded with them. Google and YouTube have bundles of images and collections of memes in video form in their directories that are getting millions of views because of reliability and because it is the age of digitization that has broken the barriers of freedom and respect the most.

There was the funny picture on all platforms in which civilians demanding not to take their lands in DHA and in the answer of Army of Pakistan, there is the picture of Zameer Akhtar who is now known as Laddan Jaffery who is saying “Yeh tou hoga”

University students have created memes for their friends and fellows in which they have shown how teachers asked not to make noise and whats their psychological reaction- synonym of new Laddan Jaffrey.

Pakistan is the country where “phupo” is not a relative but a tagline. The term is now used with people who create fights and do interference. That’s the reason why there is memes that shows that Phoupos are lover of creating fights and that’s why their inner reaction is like “Yeh to hoga”.

YouTube video

Hence, there are bundles of memes on social media; therefore, there was the reaction from the grandson of actual Laddan Jaffrey who told the real story and said that such memes and tales from scholar has disturbed them a lot. It is a right of human to joke but it should be within the barriers. It should not hurt others otherwise your freedom would snatch the freedom of others. No doubt, these memes entertained millions of Pakistanis but what about the freedom and right of freedom of the family of the deceased humorous poet who felt insulted?

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Laddan is Back

Posted by Laddan Jaffery on Friday, September 21, 2018


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